Friday, 24 May 2013


Federal and Wolfe - Voted Auckland's Best Cafe 2011 in the Cafe and Magazine Awards

I have eaten here many times but I must say, I have been overwhelmingly disappointed with my last few experiences. My most recent order was the vegetarian breakfast sans eggs, which on the menu sounded rather delicious but in real life was a tad lackluster. Described as something along the lines of the 'Big Wolfe Breakfast' (not 100% sure on the name of this) I was expecting a little more than what was placed in front of me. The breakfast consisted of one sliced up tomato, half a sliced avocado, two mushrooms, a scoop of lentils and a vigorous sprinkling of parsley over everything.

This is a picture of me, gazing out the window and dreaming of a place that serves great breakfasts.

Imma break this down for you... 

What it said on the menu: Vine ripened tomatoes
What I wanted: Deliciously red sweet tomatoes.
What I got: Raw watery tasteless tomato.

Now I may have been unlucky and received a dud tomato but I still think a raw tomato is an odd addition to a cooked breakfast. It was also listed on the menu as $5 to add to any meal and nothing gets me more peeved than cafes ludicrously overcharging for things e.g avocado - I'll get to this later.
*See below for my recipe idea that involves dud tomatoes!*

What it said on the menu: Fried mushrooms
What I wanted: Flavourful fried mushrooms
What I got: Mushrooms fried in their own juice, soggy but chewy at the same time.

Fried mushrooms with garlic, salt and pepper are one of my most favourite things to eat - add in some fresh herbs and maybe some spices and you have yourself a delicious meal or accompaniment. Unfortunately these mushrooms were a bit sad as they had basically boiled in there own juice, on a positive note they still had a great earthy mushroom flavour.

What it said on the menu: Avocado
What I wanted: Avocado
What I got: Avocado

Even the worst cook can do no wrong when it comes to a good ripe avocado. I love avocado in any form and I especially love avocado with a good squeeze of lemon juice and lots of salt and pepper. This was also listed as $5 on the menu! I actually almost hulked out and started flipping tabels and smashing everything in site. When did paying $5 for approximately six slices of avocado become acceptable?!

What it said on the menu: Wolfe lentils
What I wanted: Hearty tasty lentils
What I got: Hearty tasty lentils. Rejoice!

These lentils were the savior of this dish - a deliciously rich chunky homestyle tomato based sauce with a whole bunch of flavour! They lacked seasoning but I didn't mind as there was enough pink Himalayan salt in Federal and Wolfe to supply all of Auckland. I could have eaten a whole bowl of these lentils and I will definitely be ordering them again (they are also listed as a $5 side on the menu) sometime in the near future.

So far this has been quite negative and as it is my first attempt at a review I have precisely six good things to say.

Organic, free range and vegan friendly menu.

Good location.

Huge windows that let in lots of sunlight.

Serves Kokako Coffee.

All tabels are provided with fancy pink salt.

The service was alright.

Federal and Wolfe also have a range of fresh juices available. I ordered The Zinger which is a delightful combination of apple, pear, lime and ginger juice. So fresh! So tangy!

My advice to anyone planning to eat at Federal and Wolfe...

Order the toast with a side of lentils - the bread will soak up the lentil juices perfectly!

Order a fresh juice.

Sit in the window in the sun.

Don't go on Sunday - they're closed.

*Dud Tomatoes*

If you end up with some tomatoes that are a bit yuck don't dispair you can still use them to make this! Apologies for the terrible photos.

Lemon peel
Salt and pepper
Assorted spices
Brown sugar
Olive oil

Chuck everything in a roasting tray or cast iron pan and put in the oven until they have caramalised and reduced. Serve with warm crusty bread.


  1. Okay so it's 5 to 10 on a Saturday night, and I'm sitting in bed (by myself I might add, Luke is watching rugby), laughing while reading your blog. Classically classic.

    I've heard that there's a place in Auckland that does raw food (pretty sure this would be like 100% vegan friendly), but i can't remember what it's called.. or if I'm thinking of some place in Perth that I saw on a blog. Okay so that wasn't very helpful.

    Hope that the DJ-ing / travels are going well! I've started eating vegan so any vegan recipes you want to share my way are wayyyy welcome! I did my first vegan baking in over four years today, caramel cupcakes with coconut icing - thinking I might use coconut milk in the icing next time? That icing sugar stuff is SO sugary haha. Okay so this is turning into the world's longest comment. Happy Saturday gurrrl xxx

  2. This comment made my day!

    Yesss... There are a couple of completely raw places in Auckland I went to Little Bird when I was up last and am going to attempt one of the recipes from there soon!

    Just leaving Christchurch now, it has been SO COLD here today. Seriously regretted wearing a skirt today. It also started to hail so hopefully I wont be waiting to long for my flight!

    Yum! I like the sound of you vegan baking experiments! Hopefully see you soon! xx