Friday, 22 March 2013


Almonds are like, really good for you. The internet tells me that almonds are one of the only alkaline nuts, an excellent source of vitamin E and almost 20 percent protein! Making almond milk is simple and doesn't have that weird gritty mouth feel that shop bought stuff does. I've been on a milk making mission (it didn't sound that weird in my head) I also made soy milk, rice milk and oat milk. Almond milk had by far the best flavour of them all but feel free to send any tips for other recipes my way!

For some reason I decided to peel the skin off my almonds, it was really fun and kind of therapeutic at first almost like peeling bad sunburn but then it just got super boring and tedious plus it's totally unnecessary. 


1 cup raw almonds soaked (overnight is best or 4 hours minimum)
4 cups water - the water at my place tastes weird so I use cooled boiled water
4 dates 
Vanilla paste/extract or the real deal - don't use the brand in the photo it's perfect for baking but way to strong for this

In a food processor or blender, blend the nuts, dates, vanilla and water on high speed. It takes about five minutes to get to the right consistency so give your blender a break in between so it doesn't explode. Once everything is nice and blended strain the milk through strategically placed cheesecloth - keep the leftovers as it can be added to baking. There you have it, almond milk AND slightly soggy almond meal. 

Also, I'm in the market for a new food processor/blender any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Shouts out to the beautiful roses in the back ground, aren't they pretty?

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